CRS - Calibre Reporting System

Computerized Promoter Solution that Manage Your Daily Operation Reporting

CRS is an application that allows our clients to track their promoter’s performances, powered by thermes. Our main aim is to provide users the knowledge to promote their brand or service. Stay in touch with all the materials related to your product or services, which include:

  • Stocks Status
  • Promotions
  • New Players in the Market
  • Competitors’ performance

We understand that a good brand promoting company delivers high quality reports to its clients. That is why CES has made reporting as easy as it could possibly be. When you’ve carried out your work on analytics for your client or clients, you can focus on reporting. With our system, you can create a report and arrange for it to be sent out whenever you want it to.

The CRS consists of modules in order to get detailed information for our clients and users.

  • Photo Captures
  • Time in/out with GPS location
  • Stock Counts and Stock Availability
  • Market Intelligence (Competitors information)
  • Promoter Training and Audit
  • Price Check

This is a strategy we implement at CES for our clients to collect and manage information about the campaign in process. We deliver high quality data, allowing you to better understand your customer and enhance your business / service relationship with them.

With the Calibre Reporting System, reports are generated for our clients for a better understanding. The system allows the clients to view various types of reports:

  • Transaction Report
  • Upload Tracking Report
  • Market Intelligence Report
  • Audit Report
  • Working Hour Report
  • Productivity Report
  • Export into Excel format for further implementation

Benefits of Calibre Reporting System (CRS)


A stock level threshold can be set in the system that will notify the administrator when the stocks are running low in the market. The users can take immediate action to resupply the market promptly.


Able to forecast the Stock Holding Days in the market accurately, allowing you to adjust the production planning accordingly.


Data compiling is a very time consuming process. Using an automated system, it will effectively reduce workload and free up your resources for other priority.


All data collected through CRS will be automatically compiled and stored in Cloud server. The Report can be viewed literally anywhere and anytime.

Save Your Time and Resources with Calibre Reporting System